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Clients have told me that I share great insights with them, however in truth I simply look at their energy and tell them what I see.  I strive to look both at the surface symptoms of an issue and below the surface for underlying momentum and cause.

I approach psychic reading from a space of compassion and amusement.  I am a healer at heart, and I love to help you find your answers, find your questions, and often times find a good laugh as well.  My specialties include channeled healing (in person or remotely), past lives, relationships,  working with Spirit Guides, clearing entities, manifesting abundance, and transforming old patterns. I am available for psychic readings on any subject you like.

You will leave your personal session with a greater sense of permission and clarity.

Read more about my perspective on psychic readings in my article What does Psychic Mean?

“Working with Jeff has been the fastest track I’ve found to the freedoms I long for. His insights, ingenuity, light-hearted can-do attitude, and access to Divine assistance constantly amaze me.” -DE, Denver, CO

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Jeffrey’s History

I first became interested in psychic phenomenon in the late 1980s when I began having strange personal experiences that I couldn't explain.  At the time, I was only months away from completing my two Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. Being scientific-minded, I decided I could not pretend these experiences didn't happen. I needed to know what I was experiencing and why it was happening. I began reading metaphysical books and newsletters and searching for someone who could give me my answers.

By 1995, life was getting exciting. I was having even more strange experiences, but they were fleeting and somewhat random.  I began personal studies with a gifted psychic who I met through a mutual friend. Again, my progress was exciting but fleeting.

In late 1996, I was drawn to Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO. I enrolled in their clairvoyant training program and began studying with Mary Bell Nyman and Hope Hewetson. It was at Psychic Horizons that the real excitement began. My eyes were opened to a world of experiences I had previously only read about in books. Seeing auras and reading energy became normal, everyday events. Even the seemingly insignificant events in my life started to take on new meaning. Most importantly, I discovered that I could look inside and find my own answers.

In the following years, I began giving psychic readings and healings professionally and continued my training through graduate clairvoyant classes, teachers training and spiritual workshops on a wide range of topics including Astral Travel, Relationships, Male/Female Communication, Ascension, the Light Body, and Past Lives. I served on the board of directors for Psychic Horizons Center for 3 years and was ordained a Suffragan Bishop (Right Reverend) of the Church of Inner Light in January 2003.

From 2003-2006, I studied Trance Mediumship with John Fulton, founder of the Aesclepion Healing Center in San Rafael, CA. This intense training was instrumental in helping me access my channeled healing abilities. Through years of training and practice, I developed confidence and poise in communicating with and channelling Spirit Guides. I use my trance medium abilities daily in both my personal meditations and my hand-on healing practice.

In 2003, I co-founded Spirit 2 Spirit Communications with Ken Bechtel to offer personal development classes focusing on practical applications of spiritual awareness. Together, we taught classes for developing intuition, healing relationships, self-healing through meditation, living your wildest dreams, and more.

In 2005, I began studying with Jim Self from Avalon. Jim’s teaching helped me take my personal spirituality to a whole new dimension. His Next Steps program fueled my move to Sedona, and his Mastering Alchemy program completely changed my perspective on life. Jim’s guided meditations inspired me to bring through the Sacred Heart Healing modality which I practice and teach today.

In May 2005, I expanded my spiritual teaching over seas, offering a 2 day mediumship training in Uganda, Africa. I love to travel, as it always opens my mind to new opportunities.  This trip inspired me to put aside all other efforts and make my spiritual teaching and healing practice my full-time endeavor.

In November 2005, I relocated from Denver, CO to Sedona, AZ, to engage my full-time clairvoyant reading ,energy healing, and spiritual coaching practice. I also teach personal development classes on intuition and mediumship, and lead guided meditations, group healings, and Earth healing at the Creative Life Center.  Sedona has inspired me in so many ways, and I am very grateful for the continued support of this amazing  spiritual community. You can read more about many of Sedona’s healers on my 100 Healings website which tracks my healing tithing project in Sedona.

Moving to Sedona also spurred a flurry of spiritual travel.  From 2005-2008, I completed Michael Tamura's Advanced Healer’s Apprenticeship Series in Mount Shasta, CA.  I also completed Jim Self's "Into the Center" program. The combination of Michael & Jim’s incredible teaching and the healing energies of Mount Shasta helped me find new personal depths and a long sought calmness inside.

In January 2008, my teaching took on a new, yet familiar, twist. Fascinated by the physics, sacred geometry, and mystical studies of Nassim Haramein, I applied for his intensive "Galactic Federation Emissary" program. The experience was incredible - expanding my awareness to whole new dimensions. Upon completion of this program, I began offering seminars to share Nassim's important work.

Each year brings a new element into focus in my journey to bring healing and happiness to the planet. During 2009-2010, I traveled extensively, offering teaching and healing programs in the United States, Europe and Asia.  In 2010, I married my lovely wife Hisami Reiko, a naturally gifted psychic, healer, and teacher. Our relationship continues to fill me with incredible love, learning and awareness.

In 2011, I moved my home base to Tokyo, Japan, where I offer in-person healing sessions and spiritual training programs. I continue to travel to the US and Europe on regular teaching and healing journeys, and I offer ongoing support through remote reading, healing, and training programs.

It gives me great pleasure to help guide others who are looking for their own answers, and I plan to continue offering professional psychic reading, energy healing and spiritual training for many years to come.

I'd like to slip in a quick thanks to all my wonderful teachers, students, clients and friends who share and enhance my journey. I love you all!

Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Allen



Teaching Clairvoyance in Sedona

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, I’ve been asked many questions about being a psychic and energy healer.  My answers to the most commonly asked questions are below.

What is a Psychic Reading?

During a psychic reading, I provide spirit to spirit communication about your present time energy. A psychic reading can provide you with new information, confirm information you already know, and remind you of old information you have forgotten.

This style of reading is empowering! A reading increases your awareness of your current experience, allowing you to more confidently make choices about your life.

What is a Energy Healing?

How is a Healing Different From a Reading?

During a psychic reading, I look at your energy and communicate what I see. Although this communication can instigate powerful change in your space, I do not actively change your space.

During a energy healing, I provide the same style communication as during a reading, however, with your permission, I assist you in changing your space. This assistance may involve clearing old energies from your space, cleaning up communication lines between you and others, or helping you clear blockages in your energy body. The healings I offer are specific to you and may effect you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically. My goal is to assist you gently and effectively.

Can You Predict My Future?

In general, I offer communication about present time energies, however, your present situation is often effected by the energies you carry from the past and by your hopes and dreams for the future. Looking at your present time energy and your future direction allows me to see your "present time future" - the direction your current momentum is taking you.

Communication you receive about your future may validate your current direction or may help you gain insight needed to adjust your current direction. No matter how strong your momentum is in a certain direction, you can change your future. You are the author of your own life story.

Read more in my What Does Psychic Mean? article.

Can You Tell Me About Other People?

Yes, I can see information about other people, and I respect their privacy. I am happy to provide you with insights into your relationships with other people, however I will focus on reading how the relationship effects you and how you effect the relationship. 

I’m not a nosy psychic! :-)

Who Gets Psychic Readings?

People from all walks of life seek psychic counseling. Some are merely curious to try something new. Others are searching for insight into their life events. Some look for information to give them an edge in their life decisions. Others wish to heal themselves emotionally and spiritually.

Trust yourself! If you feel it is time to seek psychic advice, you're probably right. You never know what information is waiting for you...

How Often Should I Get a Reading?

How often you receive a psychic reading or healing is up to you. Some clients seek psychic counseling once or even twice each week. Others find monthly or yearly communication is enough.

I suggest you take time after each session to consider the information you received and decide your next steps for yourself. If after some reflection, you feel additional communication would be helpful, trust your judgement.

How Do You Read Me Over The Phone?

I offer communication about your spiritual being not your physical being. Therefore, I do not need to see you physically to read your energy. The only difference between receiving psychic counseling over the phone, via email, or in person is how you receive the communication.

Can You Cure my Disease?

Because I am not a doctor, my readings and healings are not  intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent physical illness or disease. I do not offer physical healing but rather energetic healing. I believe that changes in your energy do effect your body, however an energy healing is no substitute for seeking professional medical advice. If you have a health condition which concerns you, please see a medical professional.

What Types of Readings Do You Offer?

I offer clairvoyant readings on any subject you like. Common reading requests include Relationships and Love; Career, Business, and Money; Spirit Guides and Angels; Spiritual Counseling and Healing; Past Lives, Spirits, and Ghosts; House readings and healings.

"I wanted to thank you for for being such a great listener yesterday. I started the session with you feeling worried, confused and somewhat trapped in my life and left it feeling clear and peaceful, but also very excited at the possibilities you pointed out. You were able to sift through so many thoughts and concerns that had me spinning my wheels. Thank you and the guides for the clarity which has given me a more focused mind." 

SH - Teacher


"Thank You Jeff, You are a great guide!!  My heart feels so opened after today's session, I trust my insides more. I am full of gratitude." -RR


“Working with Jeff I feel empowered and capable - that things are easy and possible for me to create, change or have. Whether on an occasional or regular basis, I highly recommend Jeff's services as a means to achieving your personal goals.” -DE, Denver, CO

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